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Haig Club Clubman D*Face Artist Series | Haig Club

Haig Club Clubman 
D*Face Limited Edition Design Bottle

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To kick off the Artist Collaboration Series, Haig Club has partnered with one of the UK’s most prolific contemporary artists, D*Face, who has reimagined Haig’s iconic blue Clubman bottle. 

As a globally recognised name in the art world, with murals and exhibitions across the world, the bottle features one of D*Face’s signature designs, an illustration of a man and woman in an embrace. D*Face has painted similar couples in a variety of forms, from small canvases to sky high murals, but this is the first time a design of this style has graced the likes of a whisky bottle.

Both Haig Club and D*Face are unafraid to challenge the status quo, and through his bottle design merges his rebellious energy with Haig Club’s unapologetic ethos of making your own rules, wherever you are.

With only 1,000 limited edition bottles available, exclusively on, be sure to purchase one quick. 

Watch this space to see which artist will be featured next on Haig Club’s iconic blue bottle as part of Haig Club’s Artist Collaboration Series.



Instantly recognized as one of the UK’s most prolific Urban Contemporary artists, D*Face (Dean Stockton) has occupied the forefront of his practice since his first sell out show in 2005. Born and raised in London, his childhood interests of graffiti, Californian skate culture and punk aesthetic were well nurtured from an early age. Having come across the likes of Jim Phillips and Vernon Courtlandt Johnson amidst the pages of Thrasher Magazine, he was initially inspired to follow a path of graphic design and illustration, before eventually taking a more freelance approach to his art. After learning to screen print his own stickers, he took the public domain of the street as his canvas, blending art, design and graffiti in a manner that pre-dated the emergence of street art as it is known today. It was in this newly founded outlet that D*Face quickly gained attention from others, mainly for the clean, vivid nature of his designs that quickly spread across the city. Even today, D*Face continues to approach his work with the same anarchic energy that drove his career from the outset. His murals can be found across the globe and his subversive-pop style and iconic D*Dog logo have become an inseparable part of British Urban art and it’s ever expanding medium.

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